Jay Cooper Interview's Benedictum - Veronica Freeman

Conjuring the power and mystique of early Rainbow and classic Savatage yet forging a sound that is uniquely their own, BENEDICTUM’s stylish, epic brand of metal delivers on
all fronts: Awesome riffing, fierce rhythms, strong melodies, shredding leads and delicate textures converge at the crossroads of tradition and 21st century innovation topped off
by what is truly one of the most extraordinary voices in metal, courtesy of Veronica Freeman, whose pipes have to be heard to be believed.

BENEDICTUM came to the attention of Dio guitarist Craig Goldy who was impressed enough with what he heard that he turned the group on to long-time friend and former band
mate, Jeff Pilson (ex-Dokken, Dio). Equally blown away by the bands raw talent and untapped potential, Pilson took on the role of producer and recorded BENEDICTUM at his
Los Angeles area studio, with ZuZu Recording production partner, former Warlock bassist Tommy Henriksen, sharing mixing duties.

The result of this collaboration was the incredible debut CD “UNCREATION”. Selected by Classic Rock magazine UK as one of the top bands to watch in 2006 and now selected
by Rock Hard Germany and Classic Rock UK as one of the top 50 albums of 2006, BENEDICTUM are laying it down in a big way!  After coming off of a successful tour with the
legendary Doro, the future looks amazing for BENEDICTUM!

And that future begins with their powerful second release, “SEASONS OF TRAGEDY”. With new drummer Paul Courtois delivering a powerful and heart pounding performance
along with bassist Jesse Wright the solid rhythm section provides the foundation for this journey into the heart of Metal. From the commando snare drum opening of
SHELLSHOCK to the opus masterpiece title track, the band have truly evolved their unique take on modern metal, while still staying true to their classic roots. Rarely has a
metal band come so far so fast!