John Allen – vocals
Vic Karrera – guitar
Anthony Arambula  – bass
Nick Kay – guitar
Jason Heiser – drums

In an industry filled with trends, fads, fashions, and flash-in-the-pan stories of
“here today, gone tomorrow” generic flavors of the month, the one thing that
remains constant is the need and love for pure, classic, hard rock and roll.

That generation, he says, is hungry for the music that Charm City Devils has to
offer. “I truly believe that raw emotion and honesty transcend all trends, and
that if music has that classic kind of sound, it will have longevity,” he states.
“That’s our goal: to transcend the times and not compromise the integrity of
what we do.”

In support of their debut release from Eleven Seven Music, Charm City Devils
will be touring in 2009.  You can catch them on tour with CrueFest.

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CCD's John Allen singing with Motley Crue