Jay Cooper talks with Country Star Deana Carter.  Take every assumption about what it means to be a modern
recording artist and stand it on its head, because that's exactly what Deana Carter has done with The Chain, her
second Vanguard release. And in challenging the conventions of a business that has enabled her considerable artistic
and commercial success, she's forever altered the path of her career and even her approach to music.
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Fourth-generation musicians with musical roots
reaching back to their great-grandparents, The
Abrams Brothers grew up playing music in an
atmosphere where generation-spanning family
musical collaborations are practically tradition.
Comprised of John (vocals, guitar), 18, James
(vocals, fiddle), 16, and cousin Elijah (bass), 18,
this young, Ontario-based Americana/Bluegrass
band pairs a rich musical background with a
youthful exuberance. Live performance veterans
dating back to the ages of 11 and 9, The Abrams
Brothers show is augmented by banjo and drums.
Eli                                    James                                John