Ryan McCombs – lead vocals
C.J. Pierce – guitar/vocals
Stevie Benton – bass/vocals
Mike Luce – drums/vocals

When a band rocks as hard as Drowning Pool, when the music demands to be heard at maximum volume, and when the energy level surpasses the word intense, there’s only so
much that a recording studio can capture. The solution: release a live album, the aptly titled Loudest Common Denominator, a limited edition treat for the loyal and growing fan
base culled from time on the road and the radio.

“Nothing will ever compare to, or get into the groove of, a live show when we’re in the studio,” says Drowning Pool drummer Mike Luce. “Sweating in the clubs, traveling in a van or
bus six to twelve hours to make it to load-in, that’s where it all comes from. That, and the interaction with the crowd when we’re on stage.”

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…Another rallying cry for alienated nu-metal fans this summer.”

“In a market flooded with cheap imitations, it’s nice to know that there’s still room
for the real deal.  Consider yourself warned: Once the bodies hit the floor, the
floodgates will be opened.  Drowning Pool is here to stay.”

“After one listen to Drowning Pool’s provocative debut, it’s clear that the band is a
no-miss for stardom.”

“Not surprisingly, these future stars are burning bright with major support deep in
the heart of Texas.”

“Sinner is one that will leave you wet with anticipation for the chance to listen

Dave Williams on the Afterlife “People spend too much time worrying about where
they’re going to go when they die.  I’m worried about where we’re gonna go after
this interview.”

C.J. Pierce on Rock and Roll Lifestyles “We’re a heavy band, but a party band.  
We see ourselves as DJs – hosts of the party.  We’re there to drink and have a
good time like anybody else.  It may not be healthy, but it’s a good time.”

Dave Williams On Britney Spears:
"The whole setup would be how much Jagermeister she’d have to drink to actually
think I’m good looking.  For her, it would probably take a case or two.”