Band Bash 2009 January 17th, Second night....
Wow, 2nd night was amazing, the talent in our area is outstanding.  The Judges and audience were
 We started the night out with Electrovillian, the place was hopping and moving, what an amazing
performance. Then came Fatal Assembly, they are out of this world, how these boys haven't been discovered is
beyond us, what a performance.  Living Lies has the hook all the judges keep talking about, we were singing  their
catchy tunes as if we had heard them over and over again on the radio, way to go guys I am still humming your
tunes.  We wrapped up the night with Citizen Hollow, their fan's all came out to watch and the room was alive.  
They band is only made up of three but wow they can bring it.
Elelctrovillian, Fatal Assembly, Living Lies and Citizen Hollow
MC's are TJ Connors and Jay Cooper
Judges for the night were Anthony Tarleton, Joe Kresta,
Dale Harrison and Vic Branco