Band Bash 2009 January 24th, Second night....
OMG, 3rd night was out of this world, again the talent in our area is outstanding.  The Judges and
audience were sitting on the edge of
 The first band to take the stage was Assisted Bliss, not at all what we
expected.  With their Beatles tone and catchy tunes they had the audience singing along.  Then came Phil
Stephenson & The Short Bus Band, the perfect campfire on the beach party tunes, the fans were all clapping and
tapping. The much anticipated Revmatic took the stage, these boys can rock, the audience loved them.  The night
continues to impress with Western Avenue, man that girl can sing, but to our delight so can that man, what a
team. We wrapped up the night with Bootleg Glory, what can I say, if you saw the performance you know that the
only word for it was WOW, they were unbelievable.
Assisted Bliss, Phil Stephenson & The Short Bus Band, Revmatic, Western
Avenue and Bootleg Glory
MC's are TJ Connors and Jay Cooper
Judges for the night were Ken Tizzard, Joe Kresta, and Dale Harrison
Okay, lets give a good explanation on the top 13 instead of 12 so everyone understands.  Our judges chose the
top 12 bands, Bootleg Glory was in the top 4 out of the original 12 picked and a favorite of the judges from the
very beginning. Bootleg Glory played at Burleigh Island Lodge on New Years Eve.  We have a very strict policy on
damages and rockstaring behavior causing damages.  Our part time housekeeping staff had a list of damaged items
from a very messy room. From this list the band was banished for the lodge forcing us to disqualify them from the
competition.  We then chose the back up band to enter the contest.  Now having had the young band there on
several other occasions I was shocked to see that they had done damage as this was not in their nature.  The
housekeeping manager went over the list on her return to work and showed maintenance request for repair sheets  
dated prior to the bands stay to prove that they did not damage the room, the only thing they were guilty of is
making a mess and that is not a crime.  The only fair thing to do was to apologise nd let them back in the contest.  
We allowed the back up band to stay in and that gave them the opportunity to be heard as it was only fair.