Meet Jay Cooper our man with all the answers, he is a vast wealth of
knowledge when it comes to almost anything music related.

Jay interviews them all!  And they all love him!  From Rock to Country to R&B.  
Spend some time with Jay and The Trews and Deana Carter

Jay has had the opportunity to work with industry leaders in his exciting career
to date, some of which include Helix, Steve Shelski from Coney Hatch, Jag and
Taner from I Mother Earth and that is to name just a few.

He has three albums to date: Force of One, Starvin' but Rockin', That's Rock
n Roll (current)

Jay's music has been used on the following television shows:
Biker TV - 2 full songs featured on 2 separate shows
Jason Thorne's new DVD - his songs will be prominently heard during Jason's
extreme motorcycle jumping

Jay has a recording studio and has recorded numerous local singers and
bands and in 2006, Jay was a key player in the tv reality show 'Dilusions of
Grandeur' about an american musician who wants to make it 'BIG'.

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Jay Cooper professes to be the bastard child of Alice Cooper.  
Alice taught him well ..