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Stacey Phillips
“It doesn’t matter if you drive a car or a Harley… a mini-van or an 18-wheeler – it all comes down to basic human nature,”
says Jason McCoy. “There’s a bit of Jekyll and Hyde inside all of us. We want to be domestic animals, but on the other hand
we have this natural urge to set out and conquer new worlds. You’ll find this in the heart of the highway.”

That’s exactly where McCoy, and fellow Road Hammers Clayton Bellamy (vocals/guitar) and Chris Byrne (Bass and Backing
Vocals) found inspiration for their new record, The Road Hammers II. Equal parts blazing southern fried rock and deep
country soul, The Road Hammers II has all the ingredients that made their debut the perfect driving record. Born on the road,
forged in blood, sweat, concrete and steel, the new album features 11 no-nonsense tracks that are sure to cement the
Hammer’s reputation as one of Canada’s most compelling country acts.