influenced kick-ass 'rawk' band in the essence of Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones, AC/DC and others. Their distinctive, upbeat brand of modern
classic rock can best be described as coming straight out of a music time capsule, yet it's altogether fresh, current and timeless.

Darrell -- a lifelong professional musician -- is internationally renown as the former drummer for the multi-million selling hard rock act KILLER
DWARFS, as well as for Nikki Sixx produced southern rock act LAIDLAW. As one of the most high-profile and well-travelled drummers of the 80s-90s
hard rock era, he's shared concert stages worldwide with the likes of Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, ZZTop, Pantera, Lynard Skynard and several others.
performances both live and on record.

Carleton -- a master guitarist capable of playing all styles of Rock and Jazz -- has been mesmerizing musicians and fans alike for years on the
independent circuit with his unique style of playing pick-less, left-handed and upside-down. Those who witness his stellar performances are
astounded at his jaw-dropping techniques. Undoubtedly, Carleton's incomparable approach to guitar is a key ingredient of the AUTOMAN sound.

In 2004, AUTOMAN was rounded out with the additions of bassist John Fenton and drummer Adrian Cavan. Touring extensively throughout
Southern Ontario has polished the band into a tight, highly entertaining professional act. Via thousands of hits to the band's various websites,
they've amassed both local and worldwide recognition, which led to a successful run of AUTOMAN's 2005 debut "Test Drive X5/Auto-Motive"
CD/DVD combo.

Their 2008 full-length CD release, entitled "Pocket Change"-- produced by Darrell, recorded in Toronto with engineer Adam Cree, mixed and
co-produced in North Carolina by Greg Looper (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers / Mudcrutch), mix engineered by Matt Horton (Matchbox 20), and
mastered by Justin Shturtz at Sterling Sound in NYC -- is fueled by their first single "Back In The Sun", which is now available for radio.

Going 'old school' with just eight tracks of 'all killer, no filler!' -- from straight-forward, power chorded anthems ("Give An Inch, Take A Mile"), to
party-hearty foot-stompers ("Milldog Blues", "Chasin My Tail"), to tangled-guitar toe-tappers ("Dig In Deep", "One Half Hard"), to pedal-to-the-metal
rockers ("Drivin, Rockin, Lovin"), to radio-ready, 'can't-get-that-song-out-of-my-head' sing-a-longs ("Back In The Sun", "Cinnamon Rain") --
AUTOMAN's easy-on-the-senses, aurally-appealing sound will surely attract, and connect to, a wide-ranging audience fan base.

If your desire is for blues-based rock in its truest form, yet with it's own distinctive up-to-date qualities, then spare some time to check out
AUTOMAN's "Pocket Change".  

David MacMillan/Darrell Millar Can.          UD/Megaforce/Sony-Bmg
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