There are many different types of love songs. Some are sad, and some make your heart explode with love! If you ask a woman what her favourite song is, it's
most likely a love song.  If you ask a guy, it's gonna be a rockin' song.

My almost-favourite two songs of all time are
The Eagles 'Best of my Love' and The Hollies 'All I need is the Air that I Breathe'.  I can still remember that
Best of My Love was #14 in the Top 100 songs of 1976 on CHUM AM in Toronto.

Remember the epic Rock Ballad?  There were so many of them, and to this day, they are the 'first dance' song at weddings.  I swear, if someone would write
another father/daughter or mother/son love song, it would become the new dance tune at weddings for years to come!

And what about
AC/DC's Rock Ballad?  Oh yah!  There ISN'T one!  AC/DC have survived over 40 years without a love song, yet they are still one of the all time
best bands.  Hmmm. Maybe I need to rethink this love song thing??

How about the dirty love song?  
Rammstein's 'Stripped' is my favourite. It's just HOT.

So what makes a love song tick?  It speaks to the soul.  The listener can relate to it and feel like it was written for them.

- Metallica's  'Nothing Else Matters', is known as the song where Metallica 'totally sold out'.  Yet it is considered one of the best rock love songs of all time.
- Warrant's 'I Saw Red' can make me tear up every time I hear it.  I get indignant thinking how could someone break Jani Lane's heart like that??  I'd kill the bitch!
- Buckcherry's 'Sorry'.  Singer Josh Todd apologizes to his woman while asserting all the reasons why she means the world to him. Next time you screw up in
your relationship, play your significant other this song.
- Foo Fighters 'Walking After You'.  Watch the video. It pinpoints that moment in a failing relationship when both sides are past the point of reconciliation but
can't quite let go of one another. The song is painful and beautiful all at once, seeing the end in sight and crying all the way.  Now what chic wouldn't want Dave
Grohl to write a love song about them?
- Guns 'N Roses 'Sweet Child 'O Mine'.  Now THIS is a guys love song.  It's both hopeful and despairing.
- Pearl Jam 'Bitter'.  One of the first songs Pearl Jam ever wrote was this crushing tale of a love affair gone bad. Eddie Vedder tries to go through the routine of
a regular day, but everything just reminds him of her .  Vedder lets fly with a vocal performance that's wounded without being whiny.  Best of all, this is that rare
breakup song that refuses to be bitter.   Now who would hurt Eddie Vedder?  Geez!  What's up with that??
- Backstreet Boys 'As Long as You Love Me'.  One of my favourites.  Boy bands had great love songs.  'Nuff said.

The ultimate love song is inevitably a Country tune.  They sing about wives, children, dogs, parents.  Country singers SWEAT tears.  
Lonestar's 'Amazed' is still
a favourite first dance song at weddings.  How about
'Breathe' by Faith Hill?  Clint Black 'When I said I Do'.  Shania Twain 'You've Got a Way'.  Country
love songs were the start of the 'crossover' bands that could be played on country radio or pop radio.  Brilliant marketing ploy!   I tip my cowboy hat off to you and
thank you for putting so much emotion into your songs!

So, if you are single this Valentine's Day, don't despair.  You are wonderful and are lucky to have YOU.  If you are in a relationship, when you are buying the card
for the love of your life, think about who they are and what THEY feel.  If you do that, you can't go wrong!

That all being said, my new all time favourite love song is the one that my husband wrote for me last year.  Fills me with love everytime I hear it.  He GETS me.

Happy Valentines Day, people!  Celebrate LOVE!

Karen Irvine