I have to ask … Where has the stage presence gone?  Where is a cohesive band look and show?  What
has happened to the OMG factor?
In case you have been comatose for the past 10 years, the bars just aren’t full anymore.  The events are harder to sell to the
public.  People are staying home now more than ever.  Yes, it sucks.  But it’s a fact.  Money is tight, and the public are more
selective on how they spend their harder-than-ever earned dollars.  The drinking and driving stigma is so huge that even Joe
labourer Smith is reluctant to brave the night.  Don’t get me wrong, drinking and driving is just plain wrong.  But the restrictions
are at such a level that you can’t even have ONE drink anymore without losing your car to the money sucking impound. People
are working longer hours than ever, and are tired.  It’s easier to stay home to watch Saturday Night Live or have friends over.  
Taxis are not cheap, so that takes away from your bar money, and it’s just too much of an ordeal to bother! (sigh)

My point here, is that in order to entice the public to leave their comfy little boxes and pick YOUR show to attend, you really need
to step it up.  And I mean STEP IT UP!  LOOK like something I want to spend my time and money watching.  Be cohesive, and I
don’t mean in a boy-band-everyone-wear-the-same-stage-gear way.  What I mean is, make me want to watch you, and love you,
and be mesmerized by you.  Take pride in how you look on stage. Make me feel good.  If you can’t figure it out on your own, get
some help.  There are people out there who do that for a living.  It’s worth the investment. There is a look for everyone that
makes you feel comfortable and confident enough to seduce your audience and make them your FANS.

Today’s audience are scanning new bands and new songs so fast that unless you are the cream of the crop, you will get passed
over in one iphone play and left in the dust for the next flavour of the minute band. They won’t even remember your band name.

I would pay hundreds of dollars to go see Rammstein, Steel Panther, Motorhead to name a few.  They intrigue me.  I can’t get
enough of their stage presence.  Rammstein are unbelievable.  They all have their own image, yet I can’t turn away.  They are
all doing something that I am fascinated by.  Steel Panther, well where do I start?  They are a spoof 80′s hair band, write
amazing licks, play their parts to perfection.  The words are funny yet make me somewhat uncomfortable, but even that’s not
enough to keep me from going to see them.  Motorhead, enough said.  It’s Lemmy for goodness sake!  I was in the photo pit at
their show, and I couldn’t get a good shot of the damned drummer!  He’s like an octopus on stage! And Lemmy exudes the I
don't give a rat’s ass attitude.

Even if you didn’t like the 80′s bands, those boys had incredible stage presence.  Warrant, Cinderella, Van Halen, Motley Crue,
Alice Cooper, Poison, Ratt.  What did they all have in common?  They oozed confidence. They were a BAND, not just a bunch of
guys playing instruments on a stage.  It was like they could read each others minds, and knew exactly what to do next.  They
rehearsed a SHOW, not just songs.  Take your audience on an emotional roller coaster.  If you were a guy, you wanted to be
them. If you were a chic you wanted to be with them.  You would give your soul for that band.  (and your bra or panties if you
were a chic!)

Make me WANT you.  Make me want to be with you.  Intrigue me.  Make your show – and I mean your whole show – so killer that
I just can’t look away.  Yes, you have to be tight.  That’s a given.  But in today’s market, you have to have great tunes, a great
look AND a great show.

Heed my words or don’t.  But what have you got to lose?  Try it, you’ll like it!

And that’s my 2 cents worth of advice.

Karen Irvine
February 13, 2013