The Best Damned Band Competition

Daniel was the first entry into Band Bash when the contest started in July.  You can see more at

As long as he can remember, Daniel has been addicted to listening to music.  He began to sing in a band at the age of 17 and started to play the guitar at 19.  Two
years later he was the lead guitar and the lead vocalist in a band called "Prowler".   They played  Metal covers and few original songs.  After "Prowler" Daniel was
the lead singer of "Windward", another cover band  with a few original songs.   

Then it was "Requiem", where Daniel was the lead guitar and the singer of this band.  They played original metal French songs and produced a video in a copper
mine, 2500 feet under the ground.  Daniel got tired of too many bands, so he played Folk-Rock covers in night clubs for about 8 years as a one man band.  Now
with his Home studio and Myspace, he is back to the Metal scene as a one man band. Daniel plays now in down tuning with a Nu-Metal mind.  He started his
project in French, but to reach his fans from all over the world, he also writes songs in English.
Brutalement vôtre, from Daniel Dion !