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Ghosts,Guitars and Rockstars  Watch for this new
Reality TV show on Ghost Hunting with celebrity rock stars.

Co-hosted by
Jay Cooper,
Dale Harrison of The Headstones.

Hunting for paranormal activity side by side with a respected
Carolyn Molnar, what will they find?  Tour haunted
establishments and see what goes bump in the night.

Is It Real?  YOU decide!

This new series also captures the personal lives of the hunters
and the Rock Stars, they are wild, emotional and very
Slither Productions is pleased to add two new services:

Halloween Productions - let us come to your business or home and entertain your guests with a hearse, casket, Alice Cooper, lights and sound!

JUST COOPER - The trib show with Jay Cooper (Alice's bastard child) opening for himself as ALICE COOPER!

I swear to uphold the creed of a rock star.

I promise to seek out spirits and help them
to find their heavy metal heaven.  

I promise to look cool when I am face to
face with a spirit.

I promise never to play or listen to a folk
song in front of lost souls.  

I promise not to run screaming from the
building when I see a spirit.

Thou Shalt Rock On, my spirit friends, in
heavy metal life and death!