Take 15 years of working within the Canadian Music Industry, along with an amazing musician, Jay Cooper, and you
have an amazing powerhouse called Slither Productions.

Jay's country alter ego,
Jayson Cobb, is a newly added bonus to our Slither Productions personalities.  Jayson is a
country music fan, and adds a bit of raw humour to his music.  

Slither Productions was conceived by organizing events such as Band Bash, vocal talent contests, Online Music
Magazines, booking prominent bands, charitable galas,  corporate events, etc.  We provide a fresh, unique spin on
any idea and make it memorable.    

Due to the demand of our varied skills, we have branched out and take our team to the next level.  One of our goals
is to help emerging Canadian talent and guide them through the complex maze called The Canadian Music Industry.  
We do this by showcasing bands through Band Bash, and giving them exposure to the top Industry Professionals.   

The most important talent we have is creating a trusting bond with our clients, and a fair working relationship.  
Slither Productions staff have worked with many different facets of the Entertainment Industry, and draw their
clientele from musicians, dancers, actors, Record Labels, Venues, producers and MUCH more.  Oh! And do we love a

We continuously produce the WOW factor associated to our work!  
About Us