Motorcycle Rides & Tours
Steve is the guy you want if you ride fast and hard.  He loves the twisty roads and loves to twist the

Steve has been riding for over 35 years.  He has ridden Western Canada, Eastern Canada, Northern
Canada, Arizona, Utah, and everything in between.  

He is your man if you like 8 - 12 hours of riding a day.  He is more comfortable on a motorcycle than he is
driving a car lol.

Steve is your guide if you just want to ride, and are not a beginner rider or the faint of heart!

Karen will take the Ladies groups out and stop at the best places!

Karen has been riding for over 30 years.  She has had numerous motorcycles, including a Yamaha
Midnight Maxim 750, a Yamaha Seca 750, a Harley Dyna Convertable, and now rides a 1900cc Yamaha

Back in the 80's, Karen learned to ride by drag racing at Cayuga.  She was great at it, and her reaction
times were near perfect (.501)!  She says that it took her a year to learn to corner because all she knew
was riding a straight line going very fast! LOL

In 1998, Karen co-founded The Fallen Angels Motorcycle Club.  They did charitable show 'n shines
throughout Ontario, raising money for Food Banks and other causes.  The Fallen Angels were written up
by many magazines and newspapers.

She has ridden around the Great Lakes, to Florida, all throughout Ontario and Quebec, and in Texas.

Nowadays, Karen loves to ride with her husband, Jay, and her brother, Steve.  

If you are a beginner or intermediate rider, and are looking for a route that is relaxing, stops at the best
places for stopping, and where you will overnight in comfort, Karen is your guide!